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Bluebell is a new concept musical currently in development. It follows the life and times of Maragret "Bluebell" Kelly. Bluebell was an Irish dancer from Britain who spent the 1930s dancing in Berlin in the heyday of precision dance troupes like the Tiller Girls and Rockettes. Her career advanced and she was eventually invited to form her own troupe at the Folies Bergere. Her "Bluebell Girls" became famous all over Europe for their beauty and towering height just as the Nazis took Paris. Kelly quickly became an enemy of the Nazis. As the war raged on, she was interred in camps for a time: then her Jewish husband was sent to the concentration camps. He later escaped and returned to Paris where she kept him in hiding for the remainder of the war. Kelly’s post-war life triumphed as she built an empire of Bluebell Girls working on 5 continents. Her troupe of 135 Bluebells triumphed in 1980 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas despite suffering through one of the deadliest fires in American history, killing 84 people. By the time of her death in 2004, Miss Bluebell had employed over 14,000 Bluebells worldwide and her home troupe at the Lido de Paris is still performing nightly. The Bluebell Girls were often considered too tall or too old for careers in traditional dance companies and thus she created the iconic leggy showgirl who often stood at over 6 ft. tall. Bluebell is about the commander of the plumed brigades of showgirls that endured Paris in the horrors of the Nazi occupation and triumphed despite all odds.

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